Free apps you say?

As part of my PLN etc, I signed up/liked a bunch of teaching pages. Over the past two weeks I’ve been following them more carefully, because some of them let you know when you can get apps that normally cost you money, FOR FREE!!! Yay!!!

One of the apps I have snapped up is called Hooked Phonics, it is filled with lots of fun interactive games for prep-year 2 to help them master phonics and sound letter word recognition.

The app I downloaded today is an interactive story book about the tortoise and the hare. The app gives you the option of recording your own voice reading the story to the children, or using the pre recorded British voice tell the story. The pictures in the book move and make sounds and it would make children laugh as a lot cry out “hey!” indignantly as they are moved.

photo 1

photo 2

***Photo’s taken directly from my iPad and uploaded here.

While my prac class is year 4, I’m keeping an eye out for all ages of apps, once you have downloaded the app onto your iPad/iPhone/etc, you have it forever!

Till next time…

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